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Solo oboe player of the Prague Symphonics Pavel Verner (b. in Prague, 1934) - Artistic director the chamber ensemble Verner Collegium.
Ranks incontestably alongside the firmest pillars of the Czech woodwind school. Thanks to his exceptional musical intelligence, imagination, peerless tone disposition, and profound artistic integrity coupled with unyielding vitality, he has managed over the past half-century to stay in the top form of instrumental virtuosity.
His artistic career has gone hand in hand with an educational one, involving two decades of teaching at the Prague Conservatory, and sitting in several international competition juries.
Pavel Verner has to his credit an impressive number of recordings, asboth the solist and the member of various chamber ensembles.

The family“ professional chamber ensemble VERNER COLLEGIUM by its instrumentation seems almost predetermined to the interpretation of early kind of music. It records and plays concerts at home as well as abroad. Above all, critics appreciate the tonal quality, spontaneity of expression and unity of the style‘s conception, cultivated by years of common effort and by the heritage of talent. Spiritual friendship and admiration for the music of the 18th century are the main inspirational sources of the ensemble, which consists of:

Pavel Verner – oboe, cor anglais
Artistic director of the chamber ensemble Verner Collegium.

Petr Verner – violin, viola
Soloist, dirigent and viola player of the Vlach Quartet Prague.

Radka Vernerová – viola, violin
Violin player of the Atlantis orchestra

Julie Vernerová – violin
Student, Gymnazium Jan Kepler

Pavel Verner jun. – cello
Cello player of the Apollon Quartet

Michael Verner – bassoon, organ, harpsichord
Solo bassoon player of Symphonic Orchestra of Prague Radio broadcasting

Lukáš Verner – double bass
Double bass player of the Prague Symphonic

Jan Verner – trompet, recorder
Soloist and chamber musician


Ludmila Vernerová - soprano
Soloist of the State Prague Opera

Jan Verner – bass
Singer of the Czech Philharmonics Choir

Verner Collegium performs in variable instrumentation. Most often as a quartet, quintet or sextet, but occasionally as a complete chamber orchestra. It often combines its instrumental programmes with solo vocals/singing.

Mozart c moll II
Live from St. Thomas, Prague
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Petr Verner
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